Gateway Education is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on creating self-awareness and healthy relationships through educational, recreational, and artistic activities in nature. 
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Ever been curious about the process of how juice gets bottled before you buy it at the store? We did. So in 2016 three Gateway campers and a few counselors got together and collected some neighborhood apples. We didn’t have much luck finding a local apple press, but a friend informed us that miller nursery in McKinleyville had one available. So we scored an apple slot at Miller’s and headed down to Humboldt to make some cider. It was hard work and our four 18 gallon totes of Apples netted 7 gallons of cider over a 2.5 hr period. We celebrated by going out for Turkish food at a local hole in the wall called the kebab Café.  At last years adventure we discovered that Miller Farms replaced their hand press/grinder with with an electric grinder and this changed things radically. Our five totes netted 14 gallons. This year, Sebastian and Samantha Monroe, Dar Caldwell, Jaia Hudson and myself took the time to develop relationships with  Apple tree owners in Del Norte County, and in three hours quickly gathered six 18 gallon totes with three kinds of apples. On a brilliant Monday morning at Miller Farms we pressed out 26 gallons of cider in 90 minutes! There was no rush. It was a well oiled team of veteran pressers who switched jobs to keep things fresh. Roasted vegetable, mushroom or shrimp kabob sandwiches drizzled with hummus or tiziki sauce was the order of the days end. Huge thanks to Miller Nursery and their crew for bringing back the lost tradition of pressing cider together. That was a blast and really, really delicious. 

-Ron Cole

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