Pastels in the Park

Each July 4th Gateway Education holds a fundraiser event to generate sponsorship for the Gateway Summer Camp Program. These sponsorships help alleviate the cost of individuals attending the camp.

  • Pastels are not a chalk or crayola, they are pure color pigment and why the pieces are so bright.

  • It costs $400 a year to provide enough pastels for up to thirty artists.

  • Over a 100 patrons have participated in Pastels in the Park,

  • Over 400 campers have benefited from scholarships generated by Pastels in the Park.

  • Gateway Education's summer camp programs depend 100% on Pastels Funding & camperships.

  • 6 - 8 volunteers are required to make Pastels happen each year.

  • One Pastel painting is matched by one patron's $150 donation, and one artist's commitment.

  • Pastels never has been and never will be a competition.

  • Pastels has been in the newspaper six times in eleven years.

  • It is the only event at the 4th of July that is completely different in appearance each year.

  • It is the only event of its kind in Del Norte County.

  • Some of the artists plan a year in advance for this event.

  • It is the only all day, work-in-progress event in Crescent City's 4th of July repertoire, with visitors returning frequently during the course of the day to view the works.

  • Some visitors come or return to Crescent City's 4th of July specifically for Pastels in the Park.


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