Coyote Disc Golf Program

The game of disc golf involves throwing frisbees at targets through the woods. It is scored like golf and can be played alone, with a partner or a group. It is played in all seasons, costs $10 to buy a disc and the course is free. 

Gateway Education chose to express its mission through disc golf because like surfing, to be successful, you must be in tune with the nature around you and your self. The option to play by yourself allows for uninterrupted exploration as you wrestle with the challenges of the course or dealing with personal issues of how and where you fit in in team play.

For maps look at facebook page under photos - maps (Wild Rivers Disc Golf Club)
Bangin at the Beach disc golf tournament is the last week of September.
Regular singles and doubles tournaments @ Beachfront Park Thursdays.
Beachfront Park Sunday doubles 9:00AM, Thursday Bag tag singles at 3:30PM
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Kevin mealue