Small Company Re-experiencing

Entrepreneurial Movement

Discover your entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s find out if you are you compliant or creative.

Do you want to explore a different way of making your living?

Are you ready to move towards the unpredictable?

Are you a buyer or a seller, can you be both?

This three-day adventure will be a “Deep Dive” into what is working in your life

and what is not. Very challenging on many levels.

New looks at your past, present and future. Group activities.

Do you want to find a job or do you want to create one?

Instructor: Anthony Trombetti


When: July 22-24 and August 5-7, 10 am to 3 pm

Where: TBA.

Requirements:  Proficient in reading, writing and verbal communications.

Ages: 9 to 24 years old

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Gateway Education - 900 Northcrest Drive #105, Crescent City, CA 95531