Disc Golf Padowan

Learn the up and coming sport of Disc Golf, including how to throw far, putt consistently and play the game.  Ron Cole competes at the local, regional and international levels and is excited to share the world of disc golf.

Things you will learn: Consistency in sidearm and backhand throwing.

Consistency in upshots of 50 – 100 feet. Consistent successful putts within 20 feet. 

You will learn the thousand-year-old art of disc golf yoga.

And you will play the course of your choice against the instructor.

Instructor: Ron “Yoda” Cole

Phone: 707 954 7666

When: Every Monday except for July 13, 27 and August 17

1pm to 4pm

Where: Joe Hamilton Elementary/Fairgrounds/Beachfront Park Disc Golf Courses

Requirements: An attitude for adventure.

Prerequisites: One complete day as a Disc Golf Youngling and enough practice to get Yoda’s approval.

Ages: 9 to 24 years old

Adventure Challenge: Any disc golf adventure participant who can get within two strokes of Yoda in a witnessed complete game round on any of Crescent City's three courses earns the adventurer $100.

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