Making Fire from Nothing

Matt Lawrence is a lifelong survival and wilderness lover.

As a kid he tested the bounds of what could be done with the

least amount of material.  In this adventure he shares his knowledge

of the different ways fire can be made.

Things you will learn: How to use a bowdrill, effectively using matches,

proper use of magnesium bars, how to set yourself up for success in fire building.  These will be shared as you walk through some of Del Norte County's

famous woods.

Name of Instructor: Matt Lawrence

Phone: 707 951 4737

When: Every Saturday in July, 10am to 12 noon

Where: Meet at the Florence Keller Bathroom next to the host camp.

Ages: 9 to 24 years old

Adventure Challenge: At any time after the main adventure is over the instructor can be challenged.  The nature of the challenge is such that if the challenger, using any form of friction fire tool, can generate a coal before the instructor, they will receive $100.

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